Definition Of washier


(of a color) having a faded look.

It seems like a window that you could step through and the gentle, washy colours are like the dew on freshly mown grass.

(of food or drink) too watery.

washy potatoes

Example Of washier

  • A washy monochrome, its broad rectangles of turpentine-thinned burnt sienna lack not only the powerful materiality of the other paintings, but the intensity of fully saturated color as well.

  • Backlighting the hand, a bright yellow disk rests against a washy sienna background encircled by a repeating phrase in Gujarati.

  • Centered in the distance amid a vast panorama, the Empire State Building rises into the pink haze that settles over it; a washy band of pale blue floats above.

  • I knitted the sample in a denim cotton to give a washier colour

  • In each of these works, a washy monochromatic ground has been marked with white whiplash lines.

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