Definition Of warm


(especially in children's games) close to discovering something or guessing the correct answer.

you're getting warmer

having, showing, or expressive of enthusiasm, affection, or kindness.

they exchanged warm, friendly smiles

make or become warm.

I stamped my feet to warm them up

of or at a fairly or comfortably high temperature.

a warm September evening

Example Of warm

  • A warm welcome with a pleasant smile awaited us as we entered the hotel room where she was put up with her cousin sis.

  • After dealing with it for so long, I really grew to appreciate it, rather than hate it, even if it didn't always warm my heart.

  • All those who knew her and especially those many who gained so much from her tuition, warm friendship and generous kindness will miss her very much indeed.

  • As it stands, it's a flawed but still engaging film that should warm the hearts of more adventurous filmgoers.

  • Ben left the blankets on the back of the sofa while he followed Hoss upstairs to gather his own warm clothes from his bedroom.

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