Definition Of voice


a form or set of forms of a verb showing the relation of the subject to the action.

the passive voice

express (something) in words.

get teachers to voice their opinions on important subjects

regulate the tone quality of (organ pipes).

Skills such as shaping of line, pedaling, wrist rotation, voicing and chord playing can be easily incorporated into the piano lesson.

sound uttered with resonance of the vocal cords (used in the pronunciation of vowels and certain consonants).

The two characters are quite similar, and apparently both denote voiced back consonants.

the range of pitch or type of tone with which a person sings, such as soprano or tenor.

At times, it makes sense to play the soprano and alto voices with the right hand, the tenor and bass with the left hand.

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Example Of voice

  • a worried tone of voice

  • Ally, despite being very perceptive, didn't notice the pain in his voice as he spoke.

  • And it is always a pleasure to listen to her beguiling and distinctive literary voice .

  • At a time when the future of our public services is at the centre of the political debate, we must make clear that our members too have a right to a voice .

  • But they did not see an alternative beyond staying inside Labour and hoping to be allowed a voice in the party.

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