Definition Of vicious


(of language or a line of reasoning) imperfect; defective.

deliberately cruel or violent.

a vicious assault


every soul on earth, virtuous or vicious, shall perish

Example Of vicious

  • A great altar of bone and steel rested at the end, crouching like some vicious creature waiting for prey.

  • A person can be successfully evil only if he or she can embody a peculiarly nasty blend of vicious evil and laudable good.

  • According to the Killarney based TD, vicious cutbacks are now being imposed in the school building programme.

  • Although it looks a vicious creature, the wolf eel is in fact very timid, its main diet being the spiny sea urchin, the sharp spines of which have no effect on the wolf eel's tough jaws.

  • And these two people, two lawyers, had very, very vicious dogs.

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