Definition Of vicar

(in the Roman Catholic Church) a representative or deputy of a bishop.

The Pope's vicar or deputy for Rome, Cardinal Camillo Luini, also continues in his functions of providing for the pastoral needs of the city.

Example Of vicar

  • A looming financial crisis could leave a parish without a full-time vicar this year.

  • Alistair, the 25-year-old comedian of the show, has even received fan-mail from the local vicar , the parish council and the Mayor of Scarborough.

  • And certain vicars choral did succumb to the temptation of female company.

  • Bishops should resume their traditional roles as vicars of Christ in their own dioceses and be prepared to consult with the presbyteral, pastoral, and finance councils provided for in canon law.

  • Boulliau was ordained in 1630, becoming a vicar in a parish including Loudun.

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