Definition Of variegated


exhibiting different colors, especially as irregular patches or streaks.

variegated yellow bricks

Example Of variegated

  • Aberdeen are a team who have had a variegated season of their own and the fact they have recorded just one league victory on their travels is one reason why they are flirting between fifth place and the lower reaches of the table.

  • About 200 artists from 30 countries have provided their works in order to create the variegated and impressive collection of this year's triennial.

  • All this material reveals Daley as a writer of more variegated talents than was previously realised.

  • And who says these guys want an ‘equal, respectful, variegated society at peace with itself’, anyway?

  • Being organised as part of the Bharat Darshan show series, the programme is expected to be a synthesis of variegated folk art forms of North India.

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