Definition Of vainglory


inordinate pride in oneself or one's achievements; excessive vanity.

Yet the book is a heavy volume of historic narcissism - a magnum opus of upper-class vainglory and scrupulous evasion.

Example Of vainglory

  • At the age of seventeen, brimming with optimism and ruled by vainglory , Victor leaves his native Switzerland to attend college.

  • But are they really any more vaingloriously ambitious than those constructed by the landed aristocracy of the 18th century, Victorian mill-owners, or Citizen Kane himself?

  • Each week another dire e-commerce venture sinks vaingloriously beneath the mire.

  • He vaingloriously longs to play all the parts.

  • Here is battle from the ordinary soldier's point of view, nothing heroic, nothing vainglorious , yet suffused with a tender nobility that gets to the heart of the matter of man's relationship to combat.

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