Definition Of unwholesome


not characterized by or conducive to health or moral well-being.

the use of the living room as sleeping quarters led to unwholesome crowding

Example Of unwholesome

  • ‘I was drawn to the extremity in a slightly unwholesome way,’ she says.

  • But as with any positive idea, there is simultaneously the potential for unwholesomeness , a shadow side, where caution is necessary and where there is tremendous potential for abuse.

  • By now you will have realised that the Mount St Cemetary has been overrun by hordes of stoners, underage whores, paedophiles, corporate types, necrophiliacs, and other unwholesome sorts, not to mention vampires.

  • By this theory, we are at the Pavlovian mercy of the food industry, which spends nearly $10 billion a year advertising unwholesome junk food and fast food.

  • For one thing, just as the protagonists are fetishistically attached to cinematic images, Isabelle and Theo are no less unwholesomely attached to one another, and this very attachment is yet another attachment to an image.

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