Definition Of untimelier


(of an event or act) happening or done at an unsuitable time.

Dave's untimely return

Example Of untimelier

  • A letter of wishes can be sent to the trustees of the pension scheme by Peter clearly indicating that he wishes Jane to receive all benefits payable in the event of his untimely death.

  • A member of a notorious crime family meets his untimely demise, and his surviving brother, the leader of the organization, makes the funeral arrangements with the priest.

  • A regular in the TV series, his death in 1979 was an untimely tragedy that dealt a sharp blow to British comedy.

  • After a brief pause he decided to continue so that all wouldn't get dragged down in the untimely events they just learned about.

  • Also, I am really surprised today about the untimely and inappropriate comments the leader of the National Party made this afternoon about our major trading partners.

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