Definition Of unsupernatural


(of a manifestation or event) attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature.

a supernatural being

manifestations or events considered to be of supernatural origin, such as ghosts.

The device was not new to Copanec monuments of the eighth century; the inscription of Copan Stela 6 recounts a royal ritual in 682 at which a company of ‘four lords, four young ones ‘- perhaps deities or supernaturals - looked on.’

Example Of unsupernatural

  • A robust grandfather, once the bane of Hollywood screenwriting, regales his frail, fidgety grandson with horrible tales of the macabre and the supernatural .

  • A system of belief can exist without a recognition of the supernatural .

  • And with life-drained bodies turning up around the countryside, it's clear that some supernatural force is at work.

  • As critics have often pointed out, this violence does not stem from supernatural forces but from material, legal, economic, and social realities and inequalities.

  • At one stage, he finds himself hot on the trail of the mysterious, possibly supernatural , killer, drawing himself into a disturbing and haunting climactic experience.

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