Definition Of unserviceable


not in working order or fulfilling its function adequately; unfit for use.

There was a 40 per cent shortfall in nerve agent detector units, while the MoD's entire stock of 4,000 vapour detection kits, used by troops when they unmask after a suspected chemical attack, was discovered to be unserviceable .

Example Of unserviceable

  • Aircraft were fragile; by breaking a small part, a whole machine might be rendered unserviceable .

  • As a result, the culverts may undergo excessive deformation or failure rendering the culverts unserviceable .

  • ‘I want to make sure other soldiers are not exposed to the same risk and ensure that no British service personnel fly in unserviceable aircraft anywhere in the world,’ he said.

  • Danzig fielded questions on topics ranging from the possibility of exchanging unserviceable utility uniforms for infantrymen to the size of meal portions at the mess halls.

  • Despite the challenges, 92WG flew 24 training missions, only dropping four through aircraft unserviceability .

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