Definition Of unscrupulosity


having or showing no moral principles; not honest or fair.

These unscrupulous rulers violated every principle of Islam to survive in power.

Example Of unscrupulosity

  • And yet these are also the people whose evasiveness and unscrupulousness makes them the least likely to be affected by a geographically bounded anti-spam law.

  • As a result, many people lost money, some no doubt cheated by unscrupulous speculators.

  • As I stated above proper claims are welcomed as they stop unscrupulous people and employers from exploiting people.

  • But he finds - dear me, how distressing - that talent counts for nothing in comparison to money, intrigue, and unscrupulousness .

  • Few Prime Ministers have ever been more sincere in their piety, and few have been capable of greater deviousness or even unscrupulousness .

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