Synonyms Of unremembered

Definition Of unremembered

not remembered; forgotten.

To ward off alienation and gloom, it is only necessary to remember the unremembered heroes of the past, and to look around us for the unnoticed heroes of the present.

Example Of unremembered

  • After three, maybe four hours of sleep I woke with a start from some unremembered dream.

  • But she'd been there earlier and put flowers on the right plot, so the old boy hadn't gone unremembered after all.

  • Hardie doesn't want you to depart unremembered or to be unprepared when your time comes, so he's a little pushy about you deciding now what you want inscribed on your tombstone.

  • It was to be buried beneath years of dust, un-played, unseen, unremembered .

  • It's hard to believe that true art, art that reflects the vivid and energetic motions of life, rested in the gutter unremembered for so long.

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