Definition Of unmeretricious


apparently attractive but having in reality no value or integrity.

meretricious souvenirs for the tourist trade

of, relating to, or characteristic of a prostitute.

Example Of unmeretricious

  • And how can our heroine, now so chaste and docile, have only two hours ago been writhing meretriciously across the screen in song?

  • As the Telegraph explains, critics universally enjoy rubbishing his work - just poster art, says the Guardian, meretricious rubbish, says the Times.

  • ‘A mendacious, monkey-brained leader with a meretricious , money-grabbing wife’, he says, just to give you a little more context.

  • ‘Glossy, meretricious crap,’ is his damning verdict.

  • But anniversaries do provide an excuse to look beyond the meretricious present and pepper the pages of our pallid and alliteration-strewn papers with remembrances of times past.

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