Synonyms Of unlooses


Definition Of unlooses


undo; let free.

he rushed across to unloose the dog

Example Of unlooses

  • A 5.1-magnitude earthquake triggered the collapse of the mountain's north flank, unloosing the biggest landslide ever recorded and an eruption equal to 500 Hiroshimas.

  • And never for love of our Lord unloosing their lips.

  • But when these point sources of light are unloosed from the grid, but still signifying life, are we again in the presence of a city nightscape?

  • By the fin de siècle this view of high-end consumption had so exploded that Thorstein Veblen unloosed the first modern sustained attack on luxury in his thoroughly entertaining Theory of the Leisure Class.

  • Even before discoursing on sewers and sewage, author Halliday unlooses two illustrations which eloquently depict Bazalegette's achievements above ground.

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