Definition Of undoes


cancel or reverse the effects or results of (a previous action or measure).

there wasn't any way Evelyn could undo the damage

cause the downfall or ruin of.

Iago's hatred of women undoes him

unfasten, untie, or loosen (something).

the knot was difficult to undo

Example Of undoes

  • After erasing the logo I could see her clearly, but it took a while for her to be convinced that the damage had been undone .

  • And when she finally had it open, she undid the folded slip and started reading.

  • As for the Johnson brothers, the damage can never be undone .

  • As he passed through the doorway and entered the vestibule, he carelessly tossed his hat to the coat rack beside the door and then proceeded to loosen his cravat and undo the buttons of his jacket.

  • Brett opened the door, undoing her seatbelt and picking her up in his arms.

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