Definition Of undisadvantageous


involving or creating unfavorable circumstances that reduce the chances of success or effectiveness.

the system was disadvantageous to the Connecticut merchants

Example Of undisadvantageous

  • A payment will therefore only become due to the Defaulting Party if and insofar as it represents a gain to the Non-defaulting Party resulting from its being relieved of a disadvantageous contract.

  • Again, if this is the case, it will remain unclear why a referendum would have been rejected since the outcome will be the rejection of a euro that will be disadvantageous for everyone.

  • Appropriate prominence should be given to terms which might operate disadvantageously to the customer.

  • At the individual level, disadvantageous treatment of the disabled is often rooted in ill-will, disregard, and moral arbitrariness.

  • Because large proteins are energetically expensive to make, such proteins are disadvantageous if shorter proteins can perform the same function.

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