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a solid foundation laid below ground level to support or strengthen a building.

All this will provide a solid underpinning for housing.

support (a building or other structure) from below by laying a solid foundation below ground level or by substituting stronger for weaker materials.

Work began on rectifying the structural problems of the library and extra piles were inserted and the building was underpinned .

Example Of underpinning

  • All this will provide a solid underpinning for housing.

  • And for clarity's sake, I should say that the idea has formalist underpinnings , but debating the pros and cons of this is for another time.

  • Because of the way the original plotland homes were built, with shallow, often uneven, foundations, the only way to save the building is through extensive underpinning .

  • Checks and balances - the constitutional underpinning of the democratic idea that no one individual can be trusted with unlimited power - are there to keep such delusions under control.

  • For the casino, the underpinning of all their games is math.

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