Definition Of unbound


not bound or tied up.

her hair was unbound

release from bonds or restraints.

Some people are already masters of saying ‘no’ to themselves and would do much better to foster soul-traits that will help them loosen up and unbind themselves.

Example Of unbound

  • A large sheaf of unbound A4 pages is messy and difficult to file.

  • A warm emancipatory joy welled up inside me; unbound from ancient strictures, I could once again focus on the adventure ahead.

  • America was unbound and, at least in relative terms, unburdened.

  • ‘I have piles and piles of unbound books, and I just look at them and think, I'm never going to finish,’ he admits with a chuckle.

  • Cave Birds was first presented to the world in print in a limited edition of 125 unbound books published by the Scolar Press in 1975.

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