Definition Of unbefitting

not appropriate; unsuitable.

unbefitting conduct

Example Of unbefitting

  • All I can manage to say is that Melody defended me like a saint, and Pete acted… very… unbefitting of a gentleman.

  • And the best lines of another great poem were later set to Joseph Woods' arhythmic and unbefittingly mediocre tune to comprise our National Anthem.

  • And, unquestionably, we see how many are unbefittingly ingenious in catching at a pretext for inhumanity.

  • As the Hon Maurice Williamson said, we have all travelled around places where we have experienced unruly behaviour that is not only unbefitting to the person but brings discredit on other people.

  • Black is the color of grief, for God's sake, and it's SO unbefitting for any other occasion except for… well, funerals, obviously.

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