Definition Of unattached


not working for or belonging to a particular body or organization.

When his contract expired on 30 June, he was not only unattached to a club, but unaffiliated to the FA and ineligible to play for the national team.

Example Of unattached

  • A recent Thursday night at the Grotto in San Marco found the place full of attractive, unattached single women.

  • After all, all this while, his single and unattached marital status has added to his charm in no small way.

  • As the unattached singleton with married mates there is a tendency to lament the demise of your once action-packed social life.

  • But being single and unattached isn't the answer, either, because of the associated loneliness and isolation.

  • But this one is about the bitter-sweet pangs and joys of being single and unattached !

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