Definition Of umbilicar


relating to or affecting the navel or umbilical cord.

the umbilical artery

Example Of umbilicar

  • A loadcrew member failed to properly insert the safing pin prior to retracting the missile's umbilical cable.

  • A short umbilical cable rolled out with the rocket which was fired by electrical impulse, breaking the cord.

  • Amateurism offered an umbilical link between the 50-year-old veteran and the international superstar since both men drank in the same clubhouse.

  • Apgar scores and umbilical artery pH did not differ between groups.

  • As it unfolds, Schroeder always makes it a focus of the shot, to signify that once again the umbilical between reality and fantasy has been re-opened (and the electrified emotions emanating from both are starting to flow).

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