Definition Of tyrant


a cruel and oppressive ruler.

the tyrant was deposed by popular demonstrations

a tyrant flycatcher.

With 429 or so tyrannids, there are more species of Tyrant Flycatchers than in any other family of birds in the world, yet the Eastern Kingbird has earned the title of tyrant of tyrants .

Example Of tyrant

  • According to John, the most expedient way to destroy tyrants was to beseech God's retribution, but he explicitly sanctioned human dissimulation and treachery when they served the cause.

  • According to one episode, Jamshid, the Iranian equivalent of King Solomon, after reigning for 700 years was overthrown by the tyrant Zahhak.

  • An example from his later work - though an unsettling one - is The tender sadness of tyrants as they dance, for shakuhachi and bass flute.

  • Beneath a perfunctory veil of fiction, Keneally shows us a real-life tyrant exercising a power so absolute and unfeeling that it appears amoral, rather than immoral.

  • By appointing queens, the mercantile oligarchs were attempting to capture the legitimacy the tyrant 's power had generated, but to limit the use of that power.

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