Definition Of tucks


(in diving, gymnastics, downhill skiing, etc.) a position with the knees bent and held close to the chest, often with the hands clasped around the shins.

If the hill isn't fast enough for you, you can even use a tuck position like a downhill ski racer!

a flattened, stitched fold in a garment or material, typically one of several parallel folds put in a garment for shortening, tightening, or decoration.

a dress with tucks along the bodice

food, typically cakes and candy, eaten by children at school as a snack.

a tuck shop

make a flattened, stitched fold in (a garment or material), typically so as to shorten or tighten it, or for decoration.

push, fold, or turn (the edges or ends of something, especially a garment or bedclothes) so as to hide them or hold them in place.

he tucked his shirt into his trousers

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