Definition Of truculental


eager or quick to argue or fight; aggressively defiant.

his days of truculent defiance were over

Example Of truculental

  • Admittedly it was mid-afternoon when I saw the film at the town's cinema: an evening audience might perhaps have been a touch more truculent .

  • And yet, were it not for those social and masculine pressures, it is difficult to imagine that women would make some of the ‘personal’ choices they now truculently defend.

  • Anyway,’ she continued truculently , ‘it is not even your money.’

  • ‘He was a truculent and feisty character who you couldn't fail to admire and I believe those wartime experiences took a toll on his health in later years,’ he said.

  • Bill adds, truculently : ‘All that stuff happened about two or three weeks before it opened and then we never heard another whisper out of them.’

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