Definition Of trespass


a sin; an offense.

the worst trespass against the goddess Venus is to see her naked and asleep

commit an offense against (a person or a set of rules).

a man who had trespassed against Judaic law

enter the owner's land or property without permission.

there is no excuse for trespassing on railroad property

entry to a person's land or property without their permission.

the defendants were guilty of trespass

Example Of trespass

  • a mass trespass on the hills

  • a mass trespass on the moor

  • And so I came up with the idea of actually demanding compensation for the trespass .

  • As noted above, at common law the trespasser received the least protection of any entrant on the occupier's premises.

  • Because this is a fairly low-key establishment, entering it almost feels like trespassing .

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