Definition Of transgresses


infringe or go beyond the bounds of (a moral principle or other established standard of behavior).

she had transgressed an unwritten social law

Example Of transgresses

  • And this temple was set up largely to commemorate the victory over the Persians who had by definition transgressed the divine limits in their attempt to conquer the Greeks.

  • As the sea level rose in the early to middle Holocene, dunes on the low-gradient shelf were transgressed and provided the core for the modern offshore sandy shoals.

  • At some point during the lower Devonian, the sea began to transgress again, and this continued through the deposition of the Port Ewen formation.

  • Before 6pm, I'd feel I was transgressing an unwritten rule.

  • By 9500 BC the outward flow stopped and the sea began to transgress into the enlarged Great Belt, turning it brackish very slowly.

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