Definition Of traipses


a slovenly woman.

He continued to rub his hands all over my body like I was some traipse with a sign on her head flashing ‘I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby’.

a tedious or tiring journey on foot.

But the Japanese site looked so interesting, that I had a traipse around it.

walk or move wearily or reluctantly.

students had to traipse all over Washington to attend lectures

Example Of traipses

  • A quick traipse around the site reveals it's no hoax, parody or spoof.

  • And just to think a few years ago it would have been a major disaster - hours traipsing about finding a phone, a can, a garage and of course a man to unscrew the petrol cap.

  • And so, traipsing around in jeans and T-shirts, it was my sister and I who were in the minority, surrounded by locals - from octogenarians to newborns - in garments of every hue in the rainbow.

  • As it turned out there happened to be five of them and I was traipsed on up to the casualty unit.

  • Both of us were travelling and it was difficult to leave your partner and go traipsing around the world.

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