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Definition Of tracings


a copy of a drawing, map, or design made by tracing it.

Leonardo's mural, with its tracings and smaller copies, is a locus of essential religious and aesthetic meanings, a virtual communion between art and life.

Example Of tracings

  • A 26-year-old, gravida 2, para 1, white woman delivered a full-term infant by cesarean section for nonreassuring heart tracings .

  • Disorders of heart rate and rhythm alter the time intervals on the horizontal axis of ECG tracings and usually can be diagnosed by analyzing the findings on a single lead from a bedside monitor.

  • Duplicate tracings of the photographs were subsequently assessed by 2 independent observers, resulting in 480 observations.

  • Errors in landmark identification were estimated by examining duplicate tracings of 12 of the cephalometric radiographs.

  • Figure 2 shows the individual values of the main parameters and Figure 3 depicts representative tracings in a typical patient.

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