Definition Of toupe


a small wig or artificial hairpiece worn to cover a bald spot.

On the run from France for assorted crimes, he attaches himself, gargoyle-like, to the hotel as a year-round resident, and sets up shop in the town making hair adornments - from toupees to merkins to funeral jewellery.

Example Of toupe

  • A court in Dresden ruled today the government is not required to pay for toupees .

  • And all of us want to know if your hair is real, or it's a toupee or if it's comb-over, died amalgamation or mix of one of the above?

  • And to split hairs: how would a toupee be classified?

  • But that doesn't mean we should pass laws banning soup kitchens, toupees , or jeans above a size eight.

  • Coming from two families of bald men - father, husband, and father-in-law all started losing their hair in their late teens - I don't understand men who wear toupees , much like I don't understand women who wear falsies.

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