Definition Of toll


(with reference to a bell) sound or cause to sound with a slow, uniform succession of strokes, as a signal or announcement.

the bells of the cathedral began to toll for evening service

a charge payable for permission to use a particular bridge or road.

turnpike tolls

a single ring of a bell.

Even after he had heard the toll of the bell ring, it took him another full minute to safely retrieve his finger.

charge a toll for the use of (a bridge or road).

the report advocates expressway tolling

the number of deaths, casualties, or injuries arising from particular circumstances, such as a natural disaster, conflict, or accident.

the toll of dead and injured mounted

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Example Of toll

  • a toll bridge

  • A Fermoy group has been highly critical of plans to toll the road because it was fearful that charges would drive motorists back into the town.

  • An album of cinema-flavoured music, it opens with a single, western-style bell toll .

  • And surely enough the toll climbed during the day and into the night, reaching 189 people missing.

  • And veterans of all ages continue to die at epidemic rates from suicides and other effects of the mental toll their wartime experiences took.

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