Definition Of thrustings


the motion of pushing or lunging suddenly or violently.

His muscles were much softer and his involuntary limb thrusting was reduced by about 50%.

Example Of thrustings

  • A klaxon sounds like a fog horn, and I am swept forward in a torrent of thrusting limbs.

  • Between the thrusting of bridal hair magazines into my hands and the popping out for a quick fag, she left the colouring concoction on my hair too long.

  • During intercourse the effect of repeated thrusting would be to draw out and displace foreign semen away from the cervix.

  • Gerrard has a rare ability to damage opponents with a single, thrusting manoeuvre.

  • Having recovered from the headbutt, it was followed up by an immediate thrusting of the defendant's hand into his face.

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