Definition Of throttle


a device controlling the flow of fuel or power to an engine.

the engines were at full throttle

a throat, gullet, or windpipe.

The neck of each bottle she thrusts down her throttle .

attack or kill (someone) by choking or strangling them.

she was sorely tempted to throttle him

control (an engine or vehicle) with a throttle.

The pilot wiped out his flight controls, throttled the engines to military thrust, and quickly checked the instruments.

Example Of throttle

  • All I want to do is yell at the top of my lungs and throttle people.

  • As he issued the words his hand came down and pushed the throttle lever forward.

  • At takeoff power when the throttle is wide open, the RPM and fuel flow are at a maximum.

  • Avoid thinking aloud lest others are tempted to throttle you.

  • ‘I turned off my fuel, closed my throttle and made a Mayday call,’ she says.

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