Definition Of thirsts


(of a person or animal) feel a need to drink something.

I groaned, and drank as if I had thirsted for days.

a feeling of needing or wanting to drink something.

they quenched their thirst with spring water

Example Of thirsts

  • A consequence of her condition is that Terri will experience no pain, nor any sensation of thirst or hunger, as a result of the removal of her feeding tube.

  • A drink satisfies thirst and the coaster prevents unsightly ring marks on your desk.

  • A few glasses of the juice quenches thirst and satisfies hunger, said Elis.

  • A friendly efficient staff is happy to help you quench your thirst by bringing you a drink from the fully stocked bar.

  • After my hunger and thirst was quenched, I climbed up into my loft and fell asleep.

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