Definition Of thick


(of a liquid or a semiliquid substance) relatively firm in consistency; not flowing freely.

thick mud

(of a voice) not clear or distinct; hoarse or husky.

‘Pray for your mother,’ he said in a thick voice, quite unlike the one he had just used.

having a very close, friendly relationship.

he's very thick with the new boss

in or with deep, dense, or heavy mass.

bread spread thick with butter

made up of a large number of things or people close together.

his hair was long and thick

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Example Of thick

  • A thick blanket of snow thwarted the efforts of search and rescue teams hunting for the missing girl yesterday, prolonging the agony for her family.

  • A tall, heavy-set man with a thick accent then reached his hand out toward us.

  • Add salt, pepper and cream and reduce to a thick , creamy consistency.

  • Adrian's voice was thick , as though he wanted to cry and Nicky wasn't sure what to do.

  • And it was so cold that even wearing thick jumpers at night left you shivering.

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