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each of the loops or rings on a harness pad for the driving reins to pass through.

Five copper alloy terrets , strap guiding rings, lay on the line of the yoke.

Example Of terret

  • And does having terrets on such a narrow strap, encourage the strap to be turning over all the time, and digging in?

  • At this stage, the reins run through the tug loops to the bit, rather than through the terrets on the saddle.

  • Bungees for carrying traces are blue, attached to the terrets by thin black Zilco straps.

  • Decorative brass harness bells are generally smaller and are sometimes incorporated into fly terrets .

  • Evidence from Wetwang revealed that this find featured five terrets , four of which would have been for the reins, and the researchers were keen to establish the function of the fifth.

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