Definition Of tellers


a person appointed to count votes, especially in a legislature.

The tellers count all the votes any candidate has received.

a person employed to deal with customers' transactions in a bank.

But the only jobs they were hiring women for in the bank were tellers and secretaries.

a person who tells something.

a foul-mouthed teller of lies

Example Of tellers

  • a foul-mouthed teller of lies

  • A growing number of workers, whether they are college professors, bank tellers , or quality control engineers, sit in front of computer terminals.

  • A MAN accused of murdering his best friend had such a reputation as a teller of tall tales that many of the witnesses he told about the stabbing refused to believe him, a jury heard yesterday.

  • ‘Tales on the rails will be a day out with a difference for all the family and with so many tellers gathered in the one place we'll need lots of listeners,’ she said.

  • Bank tellers began strike action on January 31, in a dispute over a productivity drive.

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