Synonyms Of telescopic

Definition Of telescopic


having or consisting of concentric tubular sections designed to slide into one another.

a telescopic umbrella

of, relating to, or made with a telescope.

But telescopic observation reveals the different rings of the Saturn, called the Cassini divisions, as well as the nebula of the constellations such as the ‘Orion.’

Example Of telescopic

  • Amateur photographers, much - loved 35 mm cameras around their necks, look in awe at the mighty telescopic lenses of the world's paparazzi.

  • Among the new information is the fact that although the circular shaft of the minaret appears from the exterior to consist of three telescopic sections, structurally there are in fact only two.

  • As well as being a pioneer in the field of telescopic lenses, Thomas Cooke invented a steam carriage that could travel at 15 mph.

  • As with Galileo's first telescopic observations, these explorations will stimulate discussion on the origins of the newly revealed landscapes.

  • ‘With telescopic lenses fitted to this camera I expect to get larger pictures than have ever before been taken,’ Lawrence told a reporter.

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