Synonyms Of teleology

Definition Of teleology

the explanation of phenomena by the purpose they serve rather than by postulated causes.

Rather, it points to natural developmental teleologies in children's lives that child-rearing should take into account.

Example Of teleology

  • All effective means are inherently teleological .

  • All things are structured teleologically , according to their end or intrinsic purpose, their final cause.

  • Anorexia, nausea, and vomiting with pain can all be regarded teleologically as protective reflexes whereby the body prevents the entry of toxins into the body.

  • As he states, ‘Human beings have purposes or ends… To a teleologist , an act that promotes these purposes is moral, one that impedes them is immoral’.

  • Both read history teleologically , with the history of the Christian church defined by its origins as normative.

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