Definition Of teem


(of water, especially rain) pour down; fall heavily.

with the rain teeming down at the manor, Italy seemed a long way off

be full of or swarming with.

every garden is teeming with wildlife

Example Of teem

  • A couple of cats can do much less damage than a teeming apartment full of them.

  • And though it may have been teeming down outside, we were grateful we weren't one of the brave few toughing it out under canvas.

  • Aristide hasn't ventured out into the teeming streets, though officials say he is free to come and go.

  • As I step on to its teeming streets, I begin to understand his words, for the very pulse of this city can be felt instantly.

  • At times it was like being in a Mayfair disco or Warhol Happening, as drawings, photographs and digital images slowly teemed , swarmed, morphed and mutated over walls and ceilings.

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