Definition Of tarry


of, like, or covered with tar.

a length of tarry rope

stay longer than intended; delay leaving a place.

she could tarry a bit and not get home until four

Example Of tarry

  • After the poles are laid on the barrels, they are covered with the tarry poke.

  • Ariana looked into Darren's eyes and said calmly, ‘I've tarried here far too long.’

  • Back then, as is true today, we didn't know if we're going to land on ice or in a liquid methane-ethane ocean or a tarry gooey surface.

  • But thou shouldst not tarry here for thine own sake.

  • Classic Barossa Valley Shiraz aromas abound here: grassy wheaty, with sweet spicy fruitcake and tarriness , too.

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