Definition Of syndics


(in the UK) a business agent of certain universities and corporations.

There were elected councils or committees of syndics which supervised the clubs' daily routine, one of the syndics elected the bursar and the clerk.

a government official in various countries.

The council of syndics of the Kaliningrad naval assembly is actively cooperating with the Military Council, the commanders of the Baltic Fleet, organizations of war veterans.

Example Of syndics

  • Both of them pleaded with the Council for the substitution of a milder mode of death; but the syndics were inflexible.

  • Cambridge took immediate control of its printing in 1698 and exercises it through a board of syndics .

  • Fournier has noted that the syndics of the Estates sought to put an end to rulings of the Parlement of Toulouse on seigneurial rights.

  • He later moved to Delft, where he was well known and became a syndic of the Guild of Saint Luke.

  • He was the syndic of the lessees of the royal salt marshes of Peccais, an integral part of the gabelle.

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