Definition Of sway


a rhythmical movement from side to side.

the easy sway of her hips

move or cause to move slowly or rhythmically backward and forward or from side to side.

he swayed slightly on his feet

rule; control.

the part of the continent under Russia's sway

Example Of sway

  • And, say insiders and one large customer, Cisco then offered to use its sway with these corporate buyers to get them to buy those services.

  • Antioch held Edessa and Tripoli under its sway and was ruled by Normans.

  • Apparently the object began to sway backwards and forwards as if it were searching for something.

  • As she walked to the entrance of the building, she added a little extra sway of her hips to her walk, knowing Damon had not taken his eyes off of her.

  • But despite all of the power and sway that awaits an early adopter, it's going to take a brave CEO with thick skin to enter the blogosphere.

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