Definition Of surmount


overcome (a difficulty or obstacle).

all manner of cultural differences were surmounted

stand or be placed on top of.

the tomb was surmounted by a sculptured angel

Example Of surmount

  • A boxy, low-lying structure about 2 feet tall was surmounted by precarious, spindly towers outfitted with tiny ladders rising to a height of 6 feet.

  • A four-point deficit would not have been surmountable , especially with the aid of the wind on the turnover but an injury time goal had a devastating effect on the Ballyfin girls.

  • Above this is a four-sided arched structure, and this is surmounted by a rotunda with Corinthian columns enclosing two statues.

  • Access to this market would rely on those exporters that can surmount the challenges.

  • Again, his hunger for learning enabled him to surmount the obstacles and extract all he could from the academic and cultural opportunities available to him.

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