Definition Of substantial


concerning the essentials of something.

there was substantial agreement on changing policies

of considerable importance, size, or worth.

a substantial amount of cash

real and tangible rather than imaginary.

spirits are shadowy, human beings substantial

Example Of substantial

  • A substantial amount of research examines the prevalence of drug use among offenders and contributes to our knowledge on drugs and crime.

  • A good, substantial meal, perhaps more akin to first-rate home cooking than wildly fancy restaurant food, but none the worse for that.

  • A more substantial meal is available in the guise of lamb cutlets in a plum chutney jus served with couscous and vegetables, for men who just won't eat quiche.

  • A postmaster has described his horrifying ordeal as he was threatened at gunpoint by three masked robbers, who escaped with a substantial amount of cash.

  • And even if we had convincing evidence that these interventions worked, they still raise substantial ethical concerns.

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