Definition Of strong-arm


use force or violence against.

the culprit shouted before being strong-armed out of the door

using or characterized by force or violence.

they were furious at what they said were government strong-arm tactics

Example Of strong-arm

  • Air Canada's strong-arm tactics prompted the Deluces to sue, and the two sides settled out of court after a two-year fight.

  • Already deeply suspicious of just about everything, China is no stranger to using such strong-arm tactics to regulate the Internet.

  • And if they want to argue the toss about it, they have 28 days to prove they were strong-armed into switching against their will.

  • ‘Auntie Tina,’ a huge, jovial lady in a hot pink muumuu, strong-armed me into getting up for some island dancing.

  • Both teams have strong-armed quarterbacks and dangerous receivers.

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