Definition Of stoop


a porch with steps in front of a house or other building.

We've been sitting on the front stoop of an unlit house, blinking into the darkness, waiting, or so we thought.

a posture in which the head and shoulders are habitually bent forward.

a tall, thin man with a stoop

bend one's head or body forward and downward.

he stooped down and reached toward the coin

lower one's moral standards so far as to do something reprehensible.

Craig wouldn't stoop to thieving

the downward swoop of a bird of prey.

We were watching Annie, another centre falconer, luring a young lanner through a pattern of stoops and dives after a pair of meat-garnished, dried wings swung on a long cord.

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Example Of stoop

  • a tall, thin man with a stoop

  • About ten minutes later, we were sitting on the stoop of his building, putting on our roller blades.

  • Ask yourself - when you hear your political adversaries stoop to empty insults like this, do you feel that they're helping their cause or hurting it?

  • Could anyone in tinsel town stoop so low?

  • Craig wouldn't stoop to thieving

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