Definition Of stamp


a block for crushing ore in a stamp mill.

Work was immediately started, and the 300 additional stamps were dropping in May, 1890, thus making a total of 540 stamps crushing ore from the Treadwell mine.

a small adhesive piece of paper stuck to something to show that an amount of money has been paid, in particular a postage stamp.

a first-class stamp

affix a postage stamp or stamps onto (a letter or package).

Annie stamped the envelope for her

an act or sound of stamping with the foot.

the stamp of boots on the bare floor

an instrument for stamping a pattern or mark, in particular an engraved or inked block or die.

Hathaway used a variety of stamps to mark his tools.

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Example Of stamp

  • A couple of the pieces have the stamp of Prokofiev, and the other three reflect strong 19th Century influences.

  • A few architects are managing to put a personal stamp on some state projects.

  • a first-class stamp

  • A heavy thud had come against my door, and now I heard hard breathing and the dull stamp of muffled feet.

  • A wood-block stamp dipped in fabric paint leaves an ethnic-looking tattoo with turquoise bead accents.

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