Definition Of stable


a building set apart and adapted for keeping horses.

They walked their horses back to the stables and then handed them off to the stable boys.

not likely to change or fail; firmly established.

a stable relationship

put or keep (a horse) in a stable.

With time running down, the commission said management must develop alternative plans for stabling horses, including opening talks with Delaware Park, if Laurel is unready for training.

Example Of stable

  • A servant would put his horse back in the stable .

  • After failing to secure stable employment, Priyanath had taken to doing several jobs at once - none of which, unfortunately, were very paying.

  • All of this was built for wealthy bachelor Edmund Bowman who had his own private training track and stable , a pack of foxhounds and on his own cricket ground entertained the English cricketers.

  • Among the possible geometries, tetraplexes are very stable structures in which the four strands are held together via repetitive guanine tetrads.

  • And I felt completely trapped because I had to be sensible and responsible and stable .

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