Definition Of sprout


(of a plant) put forth shoots.

the weeds begin to sprout

a shoot of a plant.

When buying garlic, look for firm heads with papery skins, and avoid any with green sprouts .

Example Of sprout

  • A bar dominated the front of the room, and table and booths sprouted up all around the room.

  • After planting, the seeds sprout and plants emerge more or less normally.

  • Banyan trees usually sprout at the most unlikely spots, like rooftops, cracks in concrete structures or over walls.

  • Basically those plants that can sprout the quickest and grow the fastest literally shade out their competitors and they're more likely to produce seeds.

  • Beech is usually quite amenable to hard cutting back, as long as it gets plenty of light it will quickly sprout new shoots from the older wood.

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